Monday, January 31, 2011

the littlest of things

the lakes - sooo lovely colors and light, thank you OEPS! 
the lakes, I Love this - I want one of those diamond trees in my garden!
Indre by, Fiolstræde
Nørrebro, Blågårdsgade
Nørrebro, Blågårdsgade(I sO know what he's talking about!)

Random pics of fun little pieces from around town. From my phone, which explains the scruffy quality.
It makes me so happy to see these things, even though they are small, and you very easily miss them as you pass them by in a psycho speed on your bike. They constantly remind me that life do not have to be in a certain way, and that my little life and I, do not have to fit in any pre-shaped boxes to live life "right". 
And god knows, I do have to be reminded of that once in a while!

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