Saturday, January 29, 2011

ambitions sucks

Flyverhangaren Margretheholmen

Spending every day studying at a school, where 90% of the student are super ambitious, and the classes are filled with big ego's can be quit a challenge. And since I am quit an unambitious student, it was kind of comforting today, when in the middle of a critic session, I looked out the window and saw this writing on the wall. It could have been me writing it. 

I wanna do something completely different for the walls, though....


  1. Namaste my sister, I have enjoyed following your thoughts and look forward to being a follower.

    Ambition is like a powerful car being driven by a monkey. There is little chance for satisfaction or a happy ending.

    Getting off the wheel of materialism long enough to see what ones real purpose might be is a trick so few learn.

    I invite you to follow my blog so that we may enjoy your refreshing point of view.

    In Lak' ech, my sister, amour le raison de vivre...

  2. Hello Christopher.
    Thank you for your comment and your following.

    The real purpose of life is the longest and far most challenging journey I have, and still am, traveling.

    What does in Lak'ech mean?

    btw - we are two "sisters" writing this blog :)

  3. @shine little light
    Yeah right?! Ambitions can be sooo poisonous!


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