Saturday, January 29, 2011


So I do realize that this post is a bit off. It's neither very young nor very urban. It's heavy and warm and smells of a sweet old granny. BUT - I do wanna show it any ways.

I like having fresh flowers in my apartment. Still I find the flowers at their most beautiful as the wither. The colors become so much more intense and they take on these wonderful shapes, reminding me of very tall Tim Burton characters - like sad sad women who's bodies and worlds are falling apart, while they are still wearing their evening gowns.

Imagine being such a magnificent living creature, that even as you are dying, you are just getting more and more beautiful.

This is when I enjoy flowers the most.

The flowers also made me think of a documentary I once saw. It featured Sally Mann and one of her projects called What Remains, where she took photos of dead bodies in this garden at some sort of institute, where they research on the decomposition of the body. My intention was to show you some of the pictures, cause it was really fascinating, but then, I don't want those kind of images on our blog. You can check some of the pictures out here and watch 1. part of the documentary


  1. I love flowers too, they can brighten up any day! Following your blog, 'tis great!

  2. There's a strange beauty in the decompositionof a flower. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too when you have time.


  3. Thank you Lola and Ellinor!
    Your comments make my day so much brighter! :)


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