Monday, February 28, 2011

OK, I love you!

Being sick in Paradise!
I've frequented the local doctor more than I wanted to, but now I rely on antibiotics to do the rest. And while they work I've taken my fever to the beach.

It is so hard to work up some self pity while lying here. And I might as well skip that for now, and say like the Turkish waiter in Istanbul, after a failed attemt to make us go to his restaurant; 'OK, I love you!'.

'You' as in You All, the beach, Agnes Obel, coconut shakes, the Turkish waiter, Copenhagen Muffin, flied lice (being fried rice) and so on. There's some positive energy and love for you all!

The pictures are warm like I promised they would be :)

And PS: I'm sorry for being so quiet, but the attempt has been to stay away from electrical appliancies for as long as possible. Doesn't mean I haven't been thinking a lot about you, though!


  1. shiiit, can't wait till you get back - to the blog and irl!
    Lovely pictures - make my whole body ache.
    I am not staying in CPH for another winter - hell no!


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