Thursday, February 17, 2011

Small toilet roll universes...?

This is Not my work - I have to say that before you scroll and go "oh you are so COOL!". I wish it was though - I wish I had come up with this idea. Well, I'm sure I was doing something else at that point, when this idea came to life. So enjoy - see you at the bottom.


far north

far north 2

far north diptych


I prefer only posting my own pictures, but because I am too busy to do fun stuff like blogging, and because these pictures are So Great, I've decided to show them to you.

They are made out of toilet rolls - ain't that cool? The creator is a girl named Anastassia Elias - you can go visit her blog here

Well, back to work now!

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  1. De er virkelig fine! Og jeg synes godt man må poste andres billeder, især når man har travlt :-)


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