Sunday, February 20, 2011

grey grey grey and a friend I meet on my way

These pictures are from a backyard in Nørrebro. It may not be big art, but I like that every wall has illustrations. I shot them on a truly grey and Ice cold day, and the colors is pretty boring. And so on this sunny crazy beautiful weekend, I really wanted to take a lot of pictures with the bright sun and colors and all. But fact was, that it was just too insanely cold to take my hands outside my gloves. I didn't get One picture...

I miss Cloudhopper a LOT! It is so much more fun to be co writing this blog, than doing it all by my self. I hope I manage to stay tuned and productive till she returns!

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  1. And Cloudhopper misses you all! Having some technical problems, but lots of ideas and sun and sea for you soon!
    Sending warm kisses from paradise :)


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