Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coffee break

When working at home, it is very tempting to go out for coffee instead of a boring instant coffee in the kitchen(I do not yet(!) own any fancy coffee brewers or milk steamers). This is my walk from home to a Great cup of coffee, on a day, where I luckily saw the sun for the first time in Ages. I know Ricco's may not be super hip or authentic - but they do make the best coffee in town, and this particular place is very cosy. Unfortunately I didn't get my coffee that day. I have asked my bank to give me a credit card, that can not get me money, that is not mine. Now I have a Debit-Credit, and my favorite neighbor coffee place do not accept those - that is a very critical situation! I did not ask the Rolling coffee if he accepted debit, but I just love the concept of great coffee coming to me(especially when trapped at Holmen most of my day).


  1. Tak :)
    Jeg vidste ikke helt om jeg over did it med at trække farverne ud.


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